Healing Golden Turmeric Latte

Wow it’s currently -15 and dropping, so basically it was nearly impossible to get out of bed this morning. Thankfully, I am now sipping on this magical turmeric latte and have warmed up enough to tell you about it. I recently discovered something called VIOME which is this super cool gut microbiome (aka all your … More Healing Golden Turmeric Latte

Quick and Easy Tahini-Free Hummus and Veggies

It’s Friday wooohoooooo!!!!! And do you know what that means? Time to invite everyone over for a hummus patio partay. Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyo. Seriously, what could be better than enjoying the company of your friends out in the lovely spring (or summer, depending on if you’re further South than me) weather with a quick, simple, scrumptious hummus … More Quick and Easy Tahini-Free Hummus and Veggies

Immunity Boosting Orange Turmeric Tonic

It’s that time of year again, the time of the sicklings. Well, I guess the second time of year for Edmonton because the first time everyone is sick is when it starts getting cold and now we’re getting the second wave of sickness because it’s been months and, you guessed it, IT’S STILL SO COLD. … More Immunity Boosting Orange Turmeric Tonic