Tropical Pink Pitaya Smoothie Bowl

FINALLY, summer is just around the corner and I can begin enjoying my smoothie bowls as a nice cool down treat as opposed to my usual method of freezing my butt off while devouring them next to the fireplace to keep warm. Andddd, double finally, I am extra grateful towards my boyfriend’s sister for finding … More Tropical Pink Pitaya Smoothie Bowl

Festive Winter Kale Salad

K not to toot my own horn or anything, but I think I’ve perfectly packaged up the flavor of the holiday season into every bite of this delicious beauty of a salad. I’m talkin’ cinnamon. I’m talkin’ dried cranberries. I’m talkin’ persimmons. I’m talkin’ apples. And I’m also talkin’ healthy af with all the different … More Festive Winter Kale Salad