One Pan Rainbow Carrot Noodles

Okay so this recipe is like my O.G. favorite, as my boyfriend likes to call it, “Rabbit Food” recipe hehe. It’s just so freakin’ easy, versatile, is great for using up any leftovers in the fridge, takes minimal prep and dishes, and it’s QUICK (AKA when I come home and am starving I can whip … More One Pan Rainbow Carrot Noodles

Festive Winter Kale Salad

K not to toot my own horn or anything, but I think I’ve perfectly packaged up the flavor of the holiday season into every bite of this delicious beauty of a salad. I’m talkin’ cinnamon. I’m talkin’ dried cranberries. I’m talkin’ persimmons. I’m talkin’ apples. And I’m also talkin’ healthy af with all the different … More Festive Winter Kale Salad

Fresh and Festive Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad

Do you ever go to the doctor and you get called in right away so you think,”nice maybe this won’t take a million years,” but then you sit in the room for like 10 years waiting for the doc to come in? Yeah, that’s me right now. And I may or may not be absolutely … More Fresh and Festive Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad

Cashew-Based Vegan Ranch Dressing

Have you ever know anyone growing up who literally put ranch dressing on everything? Yep. That was me. I kid you not if it was dippable I was dipping it in ranch. Carrots, pizza, chicken, you name it. I ranched it. Anyways, flash forward to now. It has been years since I ranched anything 1. … More Cashew-Based Vegan Ranch Dressing