Homemade Coconut Butter Stuffed Dates

Homemade Coconut Butter Stuffed Dates 1

Raise your hand if you love shopping at the high end organic markets for the coolest, healthiest stuff, but your wallet cringes just at the thought of it. Yeah, me too. Putting the highest quality foods into our bodies definitely comes at a price, but the feeling is worth it. And I’ve got some big news. I know how to make it just a little bit cheaper for you.

Say whaaaa? You’re gonna save me money?! Tell me how!

Okay. So here’s what I’ve come to realize from many years of wandering the aisles of organic markets and not buying things because of their price tag: organic label = jacked up price. While there are many items worth paying a little extra for because you can’t get it any other way, there are plenty of things you actually can get for cheaper!

Newssss flashhhh, almond butter should not cost $12.00. So how do you get things like this cheaper?


Yeah, you heard me. Make your own! From nut butters to flours to yogurt, with just a little elbow grease you can easily make your own for way cheaper! What I usually do is check out the ingredients on the label and then re-create my own version (which I do ALL the time, so there’ll be tons more of my re-made organic market recipes to come).

For the sake of this recipe, we’re talking homemade coconut butter. Yuuummmmmm.

*disclaimer* coconut butter is extremely delicious and addicting so make at your own risk.

And I challenge you to find something that doesn’t taste good stuffed in a date. Since I have a GINORMOUS sweet tooth, I eat a ton of dates. Their natural sweetness is unparalleled and does the job perfectly when I need to kick that sugar craving to the curb. And let’s not forget that dates are more than just nature’s candy. Dates are loaded with fiber, potassium, copper, and many other vital nutrients to keep your body running well.

Due to their high fiber content, dates are digestive-health miracle workers. Besides their natural laxative qualities, fibrous dates also help boost your heart health to keep that ticker tickin’. And let’s talk about magnesium. Magnesium has awesome anti-inflammatory properties and helps lower blood pressure as well. And that’s just a couple of the benefits you get from eating dates!

Is your mind blown? It’s crazy that something that literally tastes like the best candy ever is so good for you at the same time., Go dates! And add the delicious, creamy coconut butter and you’ve got yourself a sneaky healthy sweet treat sure to please even the biggest healthy food doubters.

Homemade Coconut Butter Stuffed Dates

  • Servings: 20 stuffed dates
  • Difficulty: easy
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  1. In a high-powered blender or food processor, add your coconut flakes, coconut oil, coconut extract, and maple syrup. Blend on high for 7-9 minutes if using a blender and about 15 minutes if using a food processor.
  2. Meanwhile, make a slice lengthwise along the top of your dates and open them up to stuff.
  3. Stuff each date with about ½ Tbsp coconut butter.
  4. *You can store any remaining coconut butter in a jar and use in recipes in place of nut butters, as a spread on toast, and so much more!

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